With a background in the humanities and an eclectic bookshelf behind me, my eyes are firmly focused on innovative ways of managing organizations. the aim of my work is to stretch the organizational imagination of practitioners and scholars alike. PARAPHRASING ALBERT O. HIRSCHMAN, I AM interestED in what is possible - NOT WHATis probable.  

The visible hand and the crowd: Analyzing organization design in distributed innovation systems

The effectiveness and creativity of Linux, Wikipedia, and a plethora of other distributed innovation systems have attracted the attention of scholars, practitioners, and policy makers. The hallmark of these distributed innovation systems is that value creation transcends the boundaries of hierarchically organized firms. To date, only relatively few studies have focused on the organization design of distributed innovation systems. This conceptual article addresses this lacuna by asking, how does organization design structure relationships in distributed innovation systems, including interactions between the “visible hand” of the manager and the “crowd” of distributed innovation?

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