With a background in the humanities and an eclectic bookshelf behind me, my eyes are firmly focused on innovative ways of managing organizations. the aim of my work is to stretch the organizational imagination of practitioners and scholars alike. PARAPHRASING ALBERT O. HIRSCHMAN, I AM interestED in what is possible - NOT WHATis probable.  

The Art of Public Strategy: Mobilizing Power and Knowledge for the Common Good

At the heart of our institutions, be they public or private, for profit or non-for-profit, a peculiar discourse dominates the conversations about governance, organizational objectives and best practices that ought to help accomplish them: this powerful discourse is the discourse of strategy. Far from neutrally describing reality, it gives form to ideas, shapes our mental maps of the world, guides our sense-making processes, and operates as a springboard for action. To claim: ‘I think strategically’ is a marker of an individual’s influence and power, for it signals the ability and willingness to shape the imagined futures most of us will have little choice but to inhabit.

Re-framing strategy: power, politics and accounting

Manufacturing competition: how accounting practices shape strategy making in cities