With a background in the humanities and an eclectic bookshelf behind me, my eyes are firmly focused on innovative ways of managing organizations. the aim of my work is to stretch the organizational imagination of practitioners and scholars alike. PARAPHRASING ALBERT O. HIRSCHMAN, I AM interestED in what is possible - NOT WHATis probable.  

Stepping on the toes of giants, or how to review the future of strategy research

Which questions will preoccupy strategy research during the next decade? One way to answer this question would be to climb on the shoulders of giants in the field. From such an elevated position one could comfortably survey the field, and perhaps be lucky enough to identify one or the other line of flight that would point towards unchartered territory and new horizons. One would probably see strategy as practice scholars busily ploughing away, extending the reach and scope of what a practice approach to strategizing might entail (Vaara and Whittington, 2012); one would see an increasing emphasis on all things material based on the idea that ‘matter matters’ (Orlikowski and Scott, 2014, referencing Barad, 2007); resource based strategy researchers would still be in search of managerial capabilities and their impact on performance (Teece et al., 1997).

The Values of Strategy: Valuation Practices, Rivalry and Strategic Agency

Enacting governance through strategy: A comparative study of governance configurations in Sydney and Vienna