With a background in the humanities and an eclectic bookshelf behind me, my eyes are firmly focused on innovative ways of managing organizations. the aim of my work is to stretch the organizational imagination of practitioners and scholars alike. PARAPHRASING ALBERT O. HIRSCHMAN, I AM interestED in what is possible - NOT WHATis probable.  

Disciplining the future: On studying the politics of strategy

Modern organizations, and perhaps society in general, deploy a peculiar technology to discipline the future: that disciplining device is strategy.

Its proliferation reaches into nearly all strata of society, from firms, not-for-profit organization and public bodies to political parties, cities, states, networks and those who oppose them–—they all strategize to mitigate the influence of the future on their present, and perhaps on their past.

Clausewitz: On strategy

Governing the City: From Planning to Urban Strategy